Current Version 1.4.6

Download the trial version below. Unlock the full version by purchasing a license and activating it from within the software.

FireFox Users Please Note
FireFox 47 and up has known compatibility issues with the web driver used in the latest version of Dashboard Rotator. A fix should be out eventually from Mozilla, but until then using FireFox 46 (and disabling automatic updates from the updates preference pane in FF) is suggested. You can download FireFox 46 here:

Internet Explorer 11 Users Please Note
If rotation stops after a few pages, you will need to run the executable as Administrator, just once. The executable will make a small change to the registry that allows us to keep the connection to the browser open after each cycle. This happens after you run the executable and click “Run” with Internet Explorer selected. If you would prefer to make the registry change your self, you can read more about it in the Internet Explorer Troubleshooting post mentioned below. After this change, you can run the executable as any regular user.

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