No Installers

No installation required. Just download and run the exe. Keep your system clean

Memory Aware

Automatically restarts the browser if memory runs too high. Keeps rotation fast and deals with the common IE memory leak

Crash Protection

If Internet Explorer or FireFox crashes, or someone closes the browser window, it will be automatically re-opened and kick off a new rotation cycle.

Product Updates

Version 1.4.4 Released

Version 1.4.4 is now available with some minor bug features and additions.

Version 1.4.3 Released

Version 1.4.3 has just been released with bug fixes and feature additions.  We recommend updating your version to 1.4.3 where ever possible.

Activating Behind A Proxy

If you try to activate the software from behind a proxy, depending on how the proxy is configured you may not be able to generate a license file. By default, the Dashboard Rotator executable will attempt to use the same proxy config used by Internet Explorer. Some proxies will require additional authentication that may prevent […]

Troubleshooting FireFox

Disabling Automatic Updates FireFox tends to break the web driver with each major release (35,36 etc). We try to keep up with it, but sometimes there will be a few days before we catch up to the FireFox release cycle. We highly recommend disabling FireFox automatic updates on your dashboard machine to prevent any un-expected […]

Troubleshooting Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is a tricky browser. Microsoft seems to change it with every new release making it slightly more convoluted to gain control of it. Here are a few steps to take when Internet Explorer is giving you troubles with Dashboard Rotator. With IE11, we need to change a few settings from the default to […]

Version 1.4 – FireFox Support

Version 1.4 is now available and with it comes a few new features FireFox Support FireFox is now available as an alternative option to Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer has increasingly become harder to work with in recent releases so as an alternative option we now support using FireFox as an alternative to Internet Explorer. FireFox is […]

Internet Explorer 11 “Resource In Use” Issue

*** UPDATE FEB 12th 20125 *** We have a fix for this bug and have released a new version of the app (1.4).  If you are a previous customer please contact us with details of your purchase for a free updated copy of the software. There are some settings that need to be changed in […]

Version 1.3 – Variable Rotation Intervals

Version 1.3 is out and it brings a few small fixes and a new variable rotation interval feature. New Variable Interval Times The ability to set specific rotation intervals per page has now been added.  If no rotation interval is set, then the default interval set from the main interface will be used. To set […]

New Command Line Feature

Iv had some requests to allow the Dashboard Rotator to be able to called from the command line so it can be triggered to auto start when Windows loads, so here it is. Simply call the .exe from the command line with two arguments, the first being start and the second being the amount of […]