Simple Web Page Rotation

Cycle through web pages on big screens around your office or venue

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No Installers

No installation required.
Just download and run the exe. Keep your system clean and easily move to another machine

Memory Aware

Automatically restarts the browser if memory runs too high. Keeps rotation fast and deals with the common IE memory leak

Crash Protection

If Internet Explorer or FireFox crashes, or someone closes the browser window, it will be automatically re-opened and kick off a new rotation cycle.

How Does It Work?

  • Simply provide a list of URLs and the Dashboard Rotator will cycle through them in a full screen window at customizable lengths of time.
  • No setup is required to run the program. It runs as a standalone executable.
  • Choose from either FireFox or Internet Explorer as the source browser to rotate.
  • Memory managed and built in crash recovery, the browser is automatically restarted when errors are detected and to prevent memory leakage over time keeping your pages loading fast.

Simple Pricing

$20 per license. One license per machine

Simple Additions

Need more machines? Add more licenses to your existing key