Internet Explorer 11 “Resource In Use” Issue

*** UPDATE FEB 12th 20125 ***

We have a fix for this bug and have released a new version of the app (1.4).  If you are a previous customer please contact us with details of your purchase for a free updated copy of the software.

There are some settings that need to be changed in order for the new code to take effect.

  • On IE 7 or higher on Windows Vista or Windows 7, you must set the Protected Mode settings for each zone to be the same value. The value can be on or off, as long as it is the same for every zone. To set the Protected Mode settings, choose “Internet Options…” from the Tools menu, and click on the Security tab. For each zone, there will be a check box at the bottom of the tab labeled “Enable Protected Mode”.
  • Additionally, “Enhanced Protected Mode” must be disabled for IE 10 and higher. This option is found in the Advanced tab of the Internet Options dialog.


We’ve received reports of issues using Internet Explorer 11 with some websites.

The issue seems to be related to HTTPS URLs and new restrictions with how the browser allows access to control it externally. The problem occurs once the Dashboard Rotator window is minimized or has lost focus.

We do not have a permanent fix for the issue yet although we have found a few work arounds that can be used for the time being.

Work Around #1
Immediately after you click the “Run” button the Dashboard Rotator window will minimize, at this point you can ALT+TAB and select the Dashboard Rotator icon to bring it back into view.  Now simply move the window to the bottom of the screen out of view but make sure you do not click on anything else,  the Dashboard Rotator window must have focus and not be minimized.  If you have a second screen you can simply move the window to the second screen.
This should prevent the error from re-occurring.

Work Around #2
If you recently upgraded to Internet Explorer 11, you can try down grading to Internet Explorer 10.  The issue does not appear to happen on Internet Explorer 10.

Work Around #3
If possible, try to not use HTTPS urls.  This is far from ideal , but it seems to be only HTTPS that triggers the problem.

Once we can figure out a more permanent solution  we will release a new version containing the fix.
All existing customers will get free upgrades.

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