Activating Behind A Proxy

If you try to activate the software from behind a proxy, depending on how the proxy is configured you may not be able to generate a license file.
By default, the Dashboard Rotator executable will attempt to use the same proxy config used by Internet Explorer. Some proxies will require additional authentication that may prevent the software from getting onto the internet. In this case we can manually issue the license files for you.

The licenses are issued to specific machines based on NETBIOS machine name.

To get this name, open up a command line and run “nbtstat -n“, the machine name should be the one on top. The machine name will generally be the same as the output from running “hostname” although it may be uppercased. The licenses are case sensitive, so it’s important we get the correct machine name, hence why we recommend running nbtstat -n and not using the display hostname.

Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 12.53.48 PM

To receive manually created licenses, simply send us a listing of the machine names you wish to activate along with your receipt, license key or other proof of purchase. We will generate the files for you and send them back. Simply drop the files in the directory that contains the DashboardRotator.exe and you’re done.

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