No Installers

No installation required. Just download and run the exe. Keep your system clean

Memory Aware

Automatically restarts the browser if memory runs too high. Keeps rotation fast and deals with the common IE memory leak

Crash Protection

If Internet Explorer or FireFox crashes, or someone closes the browser window, it will be automatically re-opened and kick off a new rotation cycle.

Hits From The Blog

Activating Behind A Proxy

If you try to activate the software from behind a proxy, depending on how the proxy is configured you may not be able to generate a license file. By default, the Dashboard Rotator executable will attempt to use the same proxy config used by Internet Explorer. Some proxies will require additional authentication that may prevent […]

Troubleshooting FireFox

Disabling Automatic Updates FireFox tends to break the web driver with each major release (35,36 etc). We try to keep up with it, but sometimes there will be a few days before we catch up to the FireFox release cycle. We highly recommend disabling FireFox automatic updates on your dashboard machine to prevent any un-expected […]