No Installers

No installation required. Just download and run the exe. Keep your system clean

Memory Aware

Automatically restarts the browser if memory runs too high. Keeps rotation fast and deals with the common IE memory leak

Crash Protection

If Internet Explorer or FireFox crashes, or someone closes the browser window, it will be automatically re-opened and kick off a new rotation cycle.

Hits From The Blog

Troubleshooting Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is a tricky browser. Microsoft seems to change it with every new release making it slightly more convoluted to gain control of it. Here are a few steps to take when Internet Explorer is giving you troubles with Dashboard Rotator. With IE11, we need to change a few settings from the default, one […]

Version 1.4 – FireFox Support

Version 1.4 is now available and with it comes a few new features FireFox Support FireFox is now available as an alternative option to Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer has increasingly become harder to work with in recent releases┬áso as an alternative option we now support using FireFox as an alternative to Internet Explorer. FireFox is […]